Day 9 – Two Souls, Two Shirts: Chateau de Cocove – Saint-Omer


Walking: 19.9 km (Total 137.3 km)
Weather: good

Lucky for us the rain stopped, and we walked fast compared to what we usually do. Almost 20 kilometers in 5 hours.

We had washed the clothes and slept good. Even though the body starts to act differently, not used to walk this way, not for a long time. Then you start to feel different pains in the body, but when I start walking, I recognize that its only fear. We are so afraid to die, aren’t we?

Experience being and just to exist in the being give space and time to feel, listen and sense stuff. That is what I pay for. Time out from producing? Time out of every Day life. Build good routine on the road, so you can walk away the pain and dive into the divinity.

The value of just being? Where is it in me?

The Great betrayal robs people from from the treasure, the magic, the nothingness and the rich feeling it brings up. Wanting more, means less in love with what is – life!
Walking is for me – unpacking the real and that is to unpack it now!

Nothing else exists. I send a good thought to my sons and family and that feels alright. Sometimes I decide to think about one person for 5 minutes and to see where it brings me, and I like that sport. But I know that all the thoughts about tomorrow’s adventure and yesterday’s offences is not real. This journey and only now is relevant.

So why are we on hold? Why do I postpone feeling alive? Am I owing my own experience Now?

The right time is only now!

To feel alive.

Insight: Unpack the real, for goodness sake.


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