Day 14 – One Soul, One Shirt: Villers-au-Bois – Beaurains (Arras)

  • Walking: 21.3 km (Total 232,3 km)
  • Weather: rain (and nice at the end of the day)

It is expected and accepted in the society to have a project or a job that gives excitement, importance and meaning «you are somebody». Walking around saying you have a bigger mission is just weird for people. But do I care? Not a second. 

And today a bartender put my pocket full of biscuits and said: «You are truly living your life». 

Well, it feels like. I love the walk, it really gives a meaning. 

We are trained to think «what has a meaning?». And all this meanings and Ideas and rules are blocking people for doing things like this. Also fear. People look to much on television and they are served fear. So fear is their God. 

I will later write about this God stuff, but I will save it for a rainy day. Well today it rained a lot the first 15 kilometers, and then the sun shined like it never had before. It doesn’t matter, I have clothes for all kinds of weather. And it’s not cold. 

It is good to walk, It’s like becoming the walk, every step is making me more glad. But I have to be careful that it is not another activity that has tons of expectations, that need likes. The walk gives me more insight of who I am without outer support. 

I have to heal all that hurts me, if not, I will bleed on those who never hurt me. And when I do, I come to a new understanding and the energy is free, then I walk faster. The body is really impressing me. No knee pain at all. 

I sleep long nights and starts early. That is works out really good. There is of course a fear in being alone walking. Like today two big oxen 2 meters away from me, there was a fence between us, but my heart was pumping when they looked like they wanted to kill me. Having no outer support except my husband’s support. brings up a fear., a doubt, a darkness. But this is what I pay for, I ask for it, I want to dig deep so I dear to be. 

Insight: rules is not giving any freedom


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