Day 21 – One Soul, One Shirt: Ham – Noyon

  • Walking: 25.8 km (Total 269.3 km)
  • Weather: Nice.

Today it was slow walking. Sunday walk. I talked to family and friends on facetime and enjoyed the real nice weather given to me. In the middle of my walk there was this pub showing up. My plan was to have lunch 200 meters further down the road, but I just had to go in there and have a beer.. Just one, and then I went out and found a bench and had my own «Betty’s Hard Rock Cafe».

I have to work on not let the mind’s fantasies about people show up. Men alone with to dogs. Men with guns hunting, two girls walking behind me for a long time and so on. I try to just trust life and this is not the day I’m gonna die, but the fantasy is taking over, how am I going ta react, if I could kill, if I could be killed and how. It is just å lot of thoughts jumping around in my brain, like monkeys in a three.

But it stops fast since I decide to trust life more than the thoughts.

Yeah, and I have to tell you, it was so cool that the chef and his wife of the restaurant Chez Jean from yesterday, stopped their car and said hello, they where on their way to same city. They wanted me to jump into the car, but no, there is the limit, I am walking to Paris, not hiking 🙂

Insight: Trust whats happening instead of the thinking

Here lies 1534 German soldiers that was killed during First World War. One of many graveyards I passed on my way

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