Day 7 – Two Souls, Two Shirts:  Audenfort – Chateau de Cocove


Walking: 12.5 km (Total 117.4 km)
Weather: good

Woke up in a bit private but cool place, Le Moulin d’Audenfort. A woman, age 35, with 2 children, her husband and her parents had bought this place from a person that didn’t managed it through the Covid. They had done, and has to do, a lot of work to keep it going. She said I was brave walking Via Francigena, but no, she is the brave one here. It takes something to build up å place. I recommend a stay at their place. Good for pilgrims (Should have been on the Via Francigena app).

Today was Sunday and a easypeasy day. We decided it this way, since its day 7 and the walking will go on for weeks, we know from experience that the body has to rest. Even it feels like you can go on forever. We came over a place with a church and a tavern, and since the church was closed it was an easy choice. We took a small beer along with the community people there (what a gift) and they wished us well to Paris and blabla.

The next stop was the lovely place of a cafe. We don’t speak french very well, but we are good in communicating body language, so we ended up with å good lunch and a glass of red wine.

Thinking and dealing with thinking is a good thing, as long as you know who’s in charge. You can find yourself in the middle of a thinking process and sense old feelings because of that. I have learned to stop it and talk it out and pulverize it to a no-brainer. You are responsible for the now, nothing else. If you wanna be å grown up, you don’t deal with old rubbish inside your head, you deal with the feeling it brings up. Feel it and let it go. You have to deal with what going on, nothing else. The mind is an excellent player and repeater for what has happened, it really doesn’t matter. How you deal with now – matters.

The mind is full of Ideas, plans and dreams, but they never answer your questions, they just kill your moment.

The mind wants to find freedom, money, happines, peace, and fame, but it burns out the flame.

It is a bad ass work to unpack the reality and stay in it.

And the ego is so offended. It was so badly to be in charge. But you know better.

Today I had a moment like that, worked it out, with turning in and moved on. That’s all we can do, because what the mind wants, is that we gonna stay in the same unsolved thinking stuff.

Stop it!

Such A Perfect Day!

Insight: Point me toward the real motherfuckers



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