Day 6 – Two Souls, Two Shirts:  Guînes – Audenfort

  • Walking: 23,3 km (Total 104.93 km)
  • Weather: rain

Wet Wet Wet.
A walk in heavy Rain.
But strangely enough it was fun. We got good clothes and the temperature is 15 degrees in the daytime. All the nature here really deserves this weather,. The summer they have had has been dry.

I am good at focusing and my brain is my slave, so I did this kilometers with no quarrel with it.

The relationships you have with your thoughts or your habit to deag the situation down, because of some unsolved past, is really showing up in this situations. I registered that this fight has gone and that’s a victory for me. The brain also has its addictions, it has learned to repeat it self and it can be unlearned, but it takes some time.

A life without addictions, is that possible? A life free from inner pain is that possible? A life with peace inside is that possible?

The strange thing and a simple solution is that if you look at the moment and don’t try to changer or fix it, then you accept what is and the pain you tried to avoid, disappears. Its strange, but after 40 years working on this stuff, I really have to say, it works. It is the flame of my own search.

All the questions that we try to find answers to, in our minds, will never happen. If you answers it with your mind, it burns out the fire. The inquiry stops. It’s the level where you think you know where you are going and why you are here in this world – you get stuck. Then there is no more hunger, No more fire.

So, on a say like this, it really pays off the Work I have done. It is not possible for the old learned whining to go on. The body moves, the mind is still, the soul is enjoying.

Learned from earlier walking is that we need to rest soon. A day off, but we will take another slow walking tomorrow, and then……

Insight: Don’t let your thoughts fly around like monkeys in a tree.


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