Day 11 – One Soul, One Shirt: Saint-Omer – Liettres

  • Walking: 25.6 km (Total 162.8 km)
  • Weather: nice

In Dover, where they held a Pilgrim Festival, I read something about: «What is a real pilgrim?» And the text said a pilgrim walks wherever he/she wants to walk as long as the road leads to the task the pilgrim is given. Well, I might say that I am a pilgrim for a day, because my way was on the highway and I could kill those cars. I came to the Via Francigena at last, when it was 7 km left and that was heaven.

I catch myself still hoping for the future, and steal me from the present. I know it so well. Sometimes it is nice to hide away, but I know when I do, I reject myself. As crazy as it sounds, When I focus on my walking there’s a bigger space around the whole life and in that space the future is without worries. It will happen they way it will happen, No need to manipulate it.

Because if life gonna be enjoyed, it has to be now. People often use that for to drink too much or whatever. But if we never face the now or what the now brings up of pleasant or unpleasant. It will always hit your back all the way. If you feel lost a moment, you should stay in it, instead of running away, that brings the past to its knees.

I try to be the walking. The value of walking around. Feel the walking. Listen to all the sounds not made of «the me».

The richest feeling – the one you can’t buy.

It is hard to not be the memories of the body. It is hard to be open to what is. The feeling that comes out of the memories. Am I that? My lust to have it easy – just kills the spirit in my soul.

The pilgrims walk expands behind the idea of «I». Without labels we walk around and some days is more confusing than others, but it is part of the journey. And I must say, its much easier this tour.

For me the way gives me space around the label of who I am.

Bit even through I walk alone. I look a bit lost, but definitely not more lost then a lot of other people.

Insight: Walk into the space and try to stay there for a while. See how long it lasts.


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