Day 12 – One Soul, One Shirt: Liettres – La Buissière

  • Walking: 29.1 km (Total 191.9 km)
  • Weather: nice

I slept at a place that didn’t serve dinner yesterday, that’s ok, because I am carrying with me Real TURMAT that only needs boiled water. I slept 10 hours and felt fresh, I ate the stupid breakfast the have here. Light bread with marmalade and a croissant. Christ, how can the work on that? The coffee was good. My drinking-system had a breakdown. I cocked water the day before and filled it up, but there was a hole in the system and it started to get really wet on my back. I started to walk 9 o’clock, so the wte clothes on my back felt cold and the wet spot «krept»crept» around to my front, so it looked like I had pissed on myself. I had to not care. I just kept walking. It could have been the feeling of a walk of shame, but I decided not to. Around 12 o’clock it had dried up and I ate some food, Sardines and a yogurt I had brought with me from a hotel two days ago. No shops – no water before 18 kilometers. That was hard. I rushed into a bakery and bought a Cola, water and bread.

A long Day, a good day, the body is working well.

Insight: No need to walk in shame


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