Day 16 – One Soul, One Shirt: Bapaume – Péronne

  • Walking: 24.4 km (Total 282.3 km)
  • Weather: Cold and foggy in the morning. Nice afternoon.

The walking is going good!

If you think of your personality and the ego as an Island, and all the other people with their personality and ego as islands as well, then we are a whole bunch of islands looking after our own Islands. Wanting the best for our Island, wanting to know the other right Islands, always asking: what’s in it for my island. Building it bigger, more fortune, more of this, more of that and protecting us from Islands we don’t like and so on. That’s how it becomes war in this world, less love, more watching for the best. How stupid is this?

Might be better if we think of ourselves as universal and leave the personalities digging for more behind.

For example: me and my family is my husband and our 3 grown up kids. I also have 2 stepsons, that never have been invited to my childhood town. Well, I could choose to be offended over this, because that’s what personality does. Gets hurt. But instead I choose to think that there is not enough awakening and understanding, for that they belong to us. Its easier that way, then I don’t have to make a fool of anyone, and then I don’t have to feel anger. Of course, I could talk with the other islands about it, but that would be blaming and that takes time and energy. I rather leave the case, because I know its the ego: wanting something out from a ego perspective. It never works, it will never be OK. Wanting to have my stepsons invitied to my hometown is nothing more that my Island seeing for love and acceptance and wanting to be seen. Its just the Islands rule to keep feeling not tolerance and accepted. Nothing more that that. Its got nothing to do with universal love. 

The islands are build up from when we where kids. Rules, expectations, grasping, neediness, feeling hurt because of getting little for free. Believing your own story as the only truth, but its all seen from the ego.

Isn’t it strange?

It is so cool to understand this, because then we can stop believing in this Island bullshit. That doesn’t mean you have to accept other islands’ bad behavior, but you can watch it and sit still in your boat. Don’t rock it, unless they are really bad to you. If you leave another Islands behavior, it’s good and wise, it’s wisdom, it’s not bad, like you been told. But you can be nice to them, if they ask you why, then you can answer:

Because you are operating from the island perspective. They will probably look at you like mad (welcome to my life) but that is OK, as long as you have your own value and integrity.

Insight: You don’t need bullshit!


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