Day 17 – One Soul, One Shirt: Péronne – Trefcon

  • Walking: 18.5 km (Total 300.8 km)
  • Weather: Nice.

Today I walked the slowest I could, so in order not to end up too early at the B&B in the middle of nowhere. I was well prepared they didn’t serve dinner here, but I hoped for water-boiler for the Real Turmat instant meal. They had that. I’ve been into a few places without dinner, no water as well and no water boiler, so it has been banana for dinner and some left overs from lunch. I have dealt quit good with it. Part of the game. One more day walking and I will take a break and get my walking clothes washed.

I could have walked much faster and longer today, but its all about staying somewhere over the night, and that does not necessary be the ideal distance for me.

I am impressed that it s possible to be better and better fir. Thanx for that. I am still glad for doing the walk alone. It is so good time out of regular life.

This is my journey to Paris. I met my goal if it means that I don’t have to reject the now. So walking in the future, means to keep focus at the moment. Be fit, sleep, eat, drink enough water, packing, learning, kiss the fear good bye, Reading, writings, sowing, reading maps etc.

The present is part of the journey and there is nothing before me that I want to get or grasp, just this feeling alive and being stuff. I love it.

No goal for getting things different is often considered boring or lazy or half dead, but it is really the richest feeling.

Everybody loves that I am going to Paris and they keep asking me, what are you going to do in Paris? I answer: I will go home. The walk is the priority.

The luxury is the one step at the time and being happy that I have the guts to do it and a body that is willing to do the job. It is not to fill a hole in my soul, it’s just about taking responsible for my life. That I live it.
Just being.

There might be a deep longing in my, always, for not being seen for who I truly became, but, again, it’s just bullshit in the end, if I ended up respecting the one I am.

My gift to this world is being who I am, that’s my fulfillment. And I Say that to you: If you have any pains, psychological or in your knees or whatever: Start walking the Camino.

Insight: Meaning in life is not a result of any project or given to you like a present. Meaning is nothing your mind can find. Meaning is just falling into you, when you walk very long.




2 kommentarer om “Day 17 – One Soul, One Shirt: Péronne – Trefcon

  1. Grete Ekeberg Henriksen

    Kjære Betty vil ønske deg lykke til videre på vandringen. Du er modig og sterk som begir deg ut på så lang tur igjen. helt alene.. Imponerende! Fint å få følge deg på «reisen» ,Betty. Fine bilder du tar 🍁🌿
    Hilsen Grete 🤩

    Likt av 1 person

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