Day 18 – One Soul, One Shirt: Trefcon – Saint-Quentin

  • Walking: 18.0 km (Total 318.8 km)
  • Weather: Nice.

I started to walk 07:30 today, towards the rising sun. I love the morning. And I have to say, it’s spectacular to walk into this open landscape. Everything is so beautiful wide open. It opens up the soul and you don’t have a change to be in other things than just be. It really gives concentration on the essential and it gives energy. Even through, I know I have walked for 8 days and I know the body needs a break. So I walked into Saint-Quentin, found the hotel and started doing the laundry of my walking clothes by hand. 

Tomorrow I will go swimming in a swimming facility they have here, and buy food for the next walking days. So glad I brought with me my sowing stuff, so I have something to do in the evenings.

The walking gives this natural silence and I try not to dictate what I am experiencing and that brings up curiosity about the true essence of pure consciousness. It is like being in the middle of what is. 

Silence is taking away struggle. 

Silence is the source of sound. It’s the partner of sound. There is no sound without silence. There is no silence without sound. The silence brings space for new spirit and it gives hope for more to come. 

Everyday the way surprise me, how I deal with what is showing up. I try to stay open and patience when I have nothing (like dinner or water served) and I look at my attitude when I have everything, like tonight. 

Insight: Du the things you are afraid of doing – you might set free. 


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