One Soul, One Shirt – Preparations – Day 1

The Cathedral

Luckily the «Pilegrimsleden» (St. Olav’s Way) pass my house. From spring to autumn I can see pilgrims walking from the north towards the Nidaros Cathedral. Today we started from home and walked towards the cathedral following the the way, because the modern St. Olav’s Way celebrates 25 years this year.

After 5 km, at Ringve Museum we met up with around 30 pilgrims and walked with them to the Cathedral. It was a nice, a bit cold day. We met some fine people who remembered us from the time we spent one year at the NICU with our oldest sons which were born way too early.

It was a nice ceremony in the Cathedral, with Herborg Finnset, who «remarried» us at our Silver Wedding 5 years ago. She is now the Bishop in the Diocese of Nidaros. I brought with me a quit big stone, which I left on the altar in the eastern chapel, it represented my offended ego, witch I have worked on a lot. To leave it – to let go of it and learn the lesson: No pay – No glory, and that’s OK. This next pilgrim’s walk is done to unpack The Real and stay solid in My Self.

You can be a pilgrim or you can be a punk, it is all most the same. A punk fights the system. A pilgrim leaves the system. And the system is for me the ego’s systematic distortion screaming to be seen and to «be somebody» for the outer world, so the collective ego can be happy with it, so I can be have like an imitation instead of an original.

And who am I?

I am a woman passed middle age an I love to hit the road to be in the inner space of me. There is no goal other than to enjoy being and to stay in love with life and see what is true. I love when the fire is burning inside and the magic is there. Out from my daily life sometimes to walk the road, the endless road and be filled with some
divine feeling.

Instead I could have found myself a little dog, like a lot of women my age are doing and keep walking in the neighborhood (nothing wrong with that), but since I have had 3 children I don’t want to take care of anyone. No it’s my time. Or I could start drinking every day, like a lot of people in my age are doing. Get me right, I like to drink, but I mean, they drink a lot, and alcohol kills the fire (like so much other things are doing) and I need my sobriety to feel the growth, stay hungry and sharp.

My next journey will be from London to Paris (September/October), so I have to build up my walking capacity. I have to give the tent one more chance before I get too old, the backpack will be heavy, so now it is focus time.

My husband is 65 and works full time. I can’t sit here and wait for him. I am a mature, grown up woman and I got this life once.

Today we ended up in «Pilgrimsgården» for coffee and cake and a good chat with the Bishop and others.

  • From home to the Nidaros Cathedral
  • Distance: 11 km
  • Time: 3:47

Insight: No pay – No glory

A new journey is on and it starts right here, in our home
Bernt is often in the front. The Silence is good between us.
The green and the road is the best prescription.
We met Rønnaug and Gunnar and a lot of nice pilgrims
Inside the church where we got married 30 years ago
The Bishop, Herborg Finnest, was the woman who was the priest when we got remarried 5 years ago

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