One Soul, One Shirt – Preparations – Day 2


Today I also started from home. That’s «newish». What I have learned from my walk to Roma is a lot, and one thing is that what the road show you, must be integrated in your everyday life. And it’s so funny because when I turn on my watch and start the first steps, all experience, all nature, all I see around me, I see as a pilgrim, totally new and majestic. It probably sounds crazy, but its true. When I walk as å pilgrim, I totally walk in my own pace, being as present as I am able to.

It was a bit heavy the first 8 kilometers, a little bit heavy backpack, as planned and my feet where heavy too. Came to a gate where I could help a woman in wheelchair to open it and she said: You look so fit. Well, I try I answered. I made up my mind to give compliments if I happened to meet someone today. I walked through «Stokkbekdalen», a beautiful valley a 20 minute walk from home. The sound of the birds and the sharpness in the green colors, I could eat it. 30 years ago was my first walk through there, with my oldest son (he was one year then) and I felt the same gratitude like i did back then. After 5 km I always stop, even if I could carry on walking, because a 2 minute break works better than none. On the road again and into the woods it became heavy, specially because I desperately needed a restroom. I didn’t carry toilet paper with me, so I went to the complex where my doctor has office and used theirs and then off again. So to next walk, I will bring with toilet paper, Anitbac and a charging chord, because my cellphone is «eating» battery power due to GPS usage. I always use the Locus Map application on my walks.


I met one of the sisters to my youngest son’s girlfriend and I remember ed to Say it was Nice to meet her. Half an hour later I met her Brother, walking on the way which today reminded me most of a pilgrimage camino. A wonderful spot in Trondheim. Leirfossen.

Look at the bird besides him. So cool. I remembered to say he was a cool boy and life will do him well. A good chat.

I sat on the most beautiful cemetery in Trondheim, took of my shoes and had my lunch. God, I love those moments.


The sun was shining and the food was working. I used to call this breaks for Betty Hard Rock Cafe on my way to Rome. Strangely enough I found a graffiti today, with the text «Rome» (First pictures I took after I left home).

When I pass 10 km it felt like I could walk forever. But I know for sure that s not true. At the end of today’s walk I visited Stig and Marte, they got married one year ago. She has 3 kids from before, he has 2. Today they had bought a dog and a cabin and I congratulated them a lot. Brave people. They had this Pride-flag on their house, I think I will buy one and put it our house. My conservative neighbors will probably like me even more than they normally do 🙂

Took the bus back home. A good day

Every walking day I start with yoga and I read something that I can use as a mantra throughout the day. And today it was how can I simply just be in my experience and what does it do to me?

Definitely I become more happy. I don’t ask for the happiness, but that’s what happens. The more I dare to be present the more OK I feel. But of course my brain tries to bring me out of it and into what I have learned, to be in the future or the past, but the presence lasts longer and longer.

I don’t want to behave like a poor, offended, needy and jealous girl, I work to be in the presence as a mature woman. I feel so rich when I take this responsibility for my self, and yes, I am rich, I come from Norway. It is interesting how I feel satisfied when I am responsible for my day. Sure I can be happy when I am having a holiday, but can I be happy in my regular life, Monday, Tuesday etc……? The road makes me feel precious & royal, open and free and there is no show-off in it. No need for «likes», no need to be seen and I love that. So now I will use some months to save money for my journey from London to Paris.

  • From home to the Rosten
  • Distance: 17 km
  • Time: 6:14

Insight: When I am present all the Ideas about myself dissolves and I become happy. Probably because the Ideas is not real.


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