One Soul, One Shirt – Preparations – Day 3


Started after 12 o’clock. Waited to see my youngest son and husband left by car to Ålesund, because his mother is at the end of her journey, 88 years old.

The direction was to the city centre, which has a nice path all the way to the city. I walked Pilgrimsleden for 5 km before it turn left and leaves the fjord, while I kept walking along the path. Nice weather, nice walk and this day my mantra was to feel the value of walking. Be in the walking. Feel the walking. Listen to all the sounds around me that is not coming from «the me».

My backpack was 7 kg, and yes, I do need to carry more heavy stuff for the training. The first person I met was the drummer of a punk-band from Trondheim, called «Sjølmord» (Suicide). Their single from 1979 is now worth 150 euros on the market. It was a bit strange to meet him, because lately I have wondered where life has taken him. He is a good walker. I am not so sure that he likes me, but since I have stopped caring about who likes me, it’s ok. Strong women can be hard to swallow for some people. He talked a lot about his life and didn’t ask much of mine, which is fine by me, so we ended the chat very sure that moving is the best way of dealing with life. He looked sharp and I told him.

There are some ups and downs on the path and I took the hard rock café after 5 km. It’s nice to walk next to the sea and I know I have to do that alot on my journey from London to Paris. After 8 km, you can see the town and its great view from the last high point on the path.

I met a girl that remembered me from school. After taking a few minutes I remembered her. «Everyone knows the ape – the ape dont know anyone». She had also hit the wall and tried to fill her days with meaningful things, like walking. A good chat, but mostly I like to be in silence and walk alone.

It might seem weird to walk like a pilgrim, but it’s wonderful. It puts «the me» out of thinking and gives space for real life. You can be the observator for all that is going on and you stop criticizing yourself or others.. It’s just not relevant or interesting to be in that kind of state.

In the town I met my stepson and my oldest son, and we ate dinner together. We had å good time. It’s hard to have an appointment which is at 17:00, when you walk, so I had to rush the last kilometers. Don’t like that stress.

Today I thought that I am not willing to be obedient to the system that conserves my old behavior patterns, and I have to accept that. It takes effort, it does not necessary feel so cool, but it is the right thing to do. It is strange that to do the right thing can be so painful. But something in me support my right to say «no» instead of «yes». It’s not that I am disobedient all the time, but something inside me supports me in my right to say «no», instead of «yes». Unless I am able to say «no», my «yes» means less.

  • From home to Downtown Trondheim
  • Distance: 12.5 km
  • Time: 4:10

Insight: Weird is wonderful


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