One Soul, One Shirt – Preparations – Day 4


Today I tried not to know where I was going when I left home. It’s hard because the «I» in me wants to be in charge. But it worked out fine and I ended up at Saksvikskorsen which is a nice spot for pilgrims about 6 km from home. I sat there for at least one hour and just listened to the sounds around me.

I had an 8 kg backpack. 3 liters of water, clothes, food etc. The weight works well for 10 kilometers at least. I think I will walk with 8-9 kg on some more trips before I carry a tent, sleeping bag etc. Have to build up the shape again. If I keep on walking like this the summer through, I also need new Hoka hiking boots before the London – Paris tour.

The weather was sunny, even though the forecast was rain. If you live this far up north, it’s always risky to leave home without an all-season jacket. Maybe that’s why everyone looks the same here 🙂

The body worked well and I spontaneously almost went for å longer road, but then the «I» decided to cut it off, better safe than sorry. So I walked down to the seaside again and looked at the new train station and the nice place they had made in front of that.

I took the bus home again.

  • From home to the Vikhammer
  • Distance: 14.4 km
  • Time: 4:38

Innsight: A pilgrim’s walk creates the opportunity to be aware of everything at once – the totality.


2 kommentarer om “One Soul, One Shirt – Preparations – Day 4

  1. Wenche Nilsen

    Hi Betty 🤗 Love to follow your blog 🌿 Some good thoughts shared and also loveley pictures.

    Wish you the best for the walks to come and especially the long walk to Paris 🤩

    Hope we can meet sometime soon.


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