One Soul, One Shirt – Preparations – Day 6


Started from home with a 12 kg backpack. The sky was blue and it was hot enough, so after 3 km I had a one hour break, and cooled myself in the sea. The feeling is strong and good. 

One thing I am really working on is that I am always complaining that other people are not doing what it takes to stop being afraid and get healthy. I have to learn to observe their choices,
and not try to give them suggestions and advice, but just look at their choices, understand their character and decide what I am going to allow in my life. 

  • From home to Jakobsli
  • Distance: 9.7 km
  • Time: 3:16

Insight: Self love is good, doing the job is good, but I must remember to be aware, and act on what I say and do. Self love without awareness is useless. 


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