One Soul, One Shirt – Preparations – Day 7


It was raining cats and dogs. I mean a lot. And it was cold. But I walked from home with all my rain wear on. 18 kilos on my back. Brought with me my tent, sleeping bag, gas stove and so on. And it worked really well. My body could take it, my knees were good. Good to go. I was so happy and proud.

A lot of paved roads on this day, but I have the best of shoes. 

But one thing I decided on this preparation tour 7: «never pitch a tent alone again». It’s just to much job. I didn’t enjoy it. Making dinner on the gas stove, inflate the sleeping mat etc. I am just to old for this now. I can do it while my husband is with me, that’s another thing, but not alone anymore. It was a sad feeling to accept this, but this is reality.

My son came out to the camping site in the morning and we had swim in the sea. The weather turned out really good. I took the bus back home. 

  • From home to Storsand Camping
  • Distance: 14.1 km
  • Time: 5:28

Insight: The idealization of fixing tent life as a pilgrim is now just a distortion of my reality. 


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