One Soul, One Shirt – Preparations Day 8


There has been a lot of preparations in different ways. Packing, unpacking. Saving small Boxes for stuff I like to bring with me, tours on Sunday, but the last tour from home was today. 

Beautiful weather. I walked the first 11 kilometers under 3 hours, so I am better fit and ready to run. 

We are starting from Canterbury Monday September 19th. Today we booked the first night in the Pilgrim Hotel. 

Once again I don’t know why I am walking and doing my life this way, but I am in No need for the answer. Really, I don’t need nothing. New shoes could be one thing, but I think my old ones will last for this next trip. 

I will enjoy being and let the Inquiry deepen me. Let the questions burn and let the body do what it’s best to. No goal, No cover up, No wanna be. Just feel the fire and leave the rest to the Way.  My mind would love to have a goal, and the ego as well. Less of this, more of that, but honestly, I could not care less, I am burning with the flame of Inquiry and that’s so exciting. I know that the road will show me what I need in the moment. Life feels a lot easier now, When I don’t have to know, but just let go. 

  • From home to Solbakken and back home
  • Distance: 16.0 km
  • Time: 4:25

Insight: I am on fire again. 


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