Day 1 – Two Souls, Two Shirts: Canterbury – Shepherds Well


Walking: 19.9 km
Weather: good

You can be a punk rocker or you can be a pilgrim, it’s almost the same. You take a brake from the society and the system, that makes you feel in a hurry or to small. The road is a solution for me to find out more about life and whats in it for me. And I don’t think about me/me, but the part of me that makes me feel like an universal goddess instead of an outdated old lady.

Why am I here? Where are I going? That questions does not really need answers when I find peace in me, while I am walking. My questions are just burning next to me, and I don’t really need or want the answers because it burns out the flame. It burns out the flame like all other fake stuff do, like success, money, alcohol, needs, desires emotional reactions and blabla.

A Punk says: Fuck the system
A pilgrim says: Let go of the system.

So the grown up woman that I am, walks the way to stay in mother nature, where I belong.

The system is no more than an ego drive, witch has its agenda that fills your schedule and it makes you feel important, but does it makes you feel you?

Today a new journey started for me, and my husband. A new walk, a new long process, and the only thing we want out of it is to enjoy being. It sounds simple, but we also have our inner talks that keeps us from enjoying life, and we also tries to deal with it. Walking is the way.

And its funny to walk and observe how little stuff we actually need to survive, through our backpacks are heavy enough.

Today we did an initial walk. We left most of our stuff in the hotel. Building up the walking strength. Tomorrow we will carry it all to Dover.

We all have to deal with our own lives, and at some point we have to decide if we want to sit and watch TV or walk a dog in the park, or if you really want to kiss your fears goodbye and walk the line.

And enjoy being.

In 2019 I walked 4040 km from Norway to Roma and it showed me that people all over å generally good and on the way I caught up my own value.

I am value.

Lately I have unpacked the reality like a Christmas present, one by one.

All the bullshit, all the crap I have carried on my psychological backpack, all the stores from my past has left the Building, like Elvis did, one time.

All the distortion, all the bad thoughts is left on the pilgrim’s path to Rome, and here I am again, enjoying being fullest.

I am burning again.

No money in this world can buy this being stuff. It feels priceless. And my constant inquiry and my stubborn belief in every human being right and my soul is smiling endlessly!

I want to be in life either its good or bad. If I have to struggle – I struggle.. If life is good – its good, that’s all. I am sure that life and the way will show me what I need to be shown before I pass out with my last breath.

It is good to have this trust.

I will keep unpacking the real.

This Two Souls – Two Shirts journey will help me not being stuck in my head.

The ego will always try to be needy and stressed and important and never satisfied, and even put me or other people down, (all the unsolved stuff), repeat it self and steal my life, but I know how it looks like now and its not mine..
The needs, the blame, the same, the wanting, the never good enough stuff is all distortion.

My time in my life is running out. And when I do follow the road that is given to me, then I stay in love with life and I can feel the growing and in much more contact with who I am. The deepen, the solid ground, the mature and so on.

The intimacy with my heart gives me the flame and it is all happening on the road.

Catch you up tomorrow 🙂

Insight: Carry the flame of inquiry


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