Day 2 – Two Souls, Two Shirts: Shepherds Well – Dover


Walking: 17.6 km (Total 37.2 km)
Weather: good

Today’s walk was brilliant and we had full backpacks. Excited to feel how the body reacted on the weight, but that worked out good. Just normal tender, nothing else and that’s so Great. I really recommend other pilgrims to do what we did, cut the distance to Dover into two. It is a long time since we walked day after day and we are going to walk a long way, better to be safe than sorry, with Bernt.

Today I spent 2 minutes in an old church and that is always giving me energy. I love the church room, especially when it is empty, and there was a stamp for my pilgrims pass too.

I really enjoyed being today and of course I was trying to listen as much as possible to the sounds around me for to catch into the presence. So who is the I walking? Definitely not the ego or the personality or the body. When walking in silence really role, its like being part of it all and that is such a great experience. When I really forget the weight, the walk, the past, the wounds, but just are in the moment. This is what I pay for. The flame helps me not being arrogant or close down. The road helps me to burn away the accumulation of the past, so I can breath and live in the reality. I can be complete alone and not feel lonely on my way to Paris, which is the promised distance this time. This destination is not a place in time, but rather a new way of being and seeing.

It is so lovely to just be, authentic and not an imitation or å reaction. This intimacy with my heart makes me feel so rich and the soberness is allowing peace. I recommend every one to walk their way.

The utter loneliness that I have felt and feared all my life, has finally become my friend.. No more busy judging others or myself.

Insight: What are you saving yourself for?


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