Day 3 – Two Souls, Two Shirts:  Dover – Calais


I started tracking on my watch just to see how far it was from Dover to Calais with a little walking, then boat, then inside bus, and then walk again to the hotel. It was 60 km and it took the whole day. Only a few boats takes foot passengers, so we ended up at one at 14 o’clock, and met the most wonderful group there.

Before that we where inside the church in Dover, St Mary’s. It was the first Day of a pilgrim festival and we were very welcome. Lovely.

Life never goes as planned and thanx for that, but it helps to have a guide so things can happen. We can all learn from others experience, they can open parts in you, but you need to be quit alone to find your inner space. The way gives me possibility to see the knowledge, so it can unfold from inside, so I can respond from the real place, and not from something learned or outside pressure.

Today it has been the oceans code, my wave, your wave, same ocean. That feels good.

Insight: This pearl has No price.


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