Day 4 – Two Souls, Two Shirts:  Calais – Wissant


Walking: 23.9 km (Total 59.1 km)
Weather: good

You can have all the money you like, it doesn’t give you this. This journey is all about having guts to do it. The real wealth is when your soul is smiling endlessly. Take a look at what makes you smile. Real wealth is to be brave and conquer the fear and grow. Real wealth is to feel the divine and spirit in everything around you and not wanting more. Look for the lover in yourself. We all want to be openhearted. What’s holding us back is fear and the story (what they told you and what you later told yourself) Fear is your only God.

The lover inside you is celebrating existence and doesn’t use the time to test that others are wrong or stupid. The lover loves! Everything! All the true! It’s Perfect to feel this dizziness and not using time on what the mind like to think about this.

So this has been such a Perfect Day! Walking a lot on the beach (quit heavy), feeling the wind, the sun, listen to the birds and the waves. Who can ask for more?

Insight: Personal freedom is away from letting the mind decide.


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