Day 5 – Two Souls, Two Shirts:  Wissant – Guînes


Walking: 22.5 km (Total 81.7 km)
Weather: cloudy, some rain

They promised us rain, but it was nothing. Just a few drops on our heads and for a person born in Bergen and a person from Malm its just feels like freshness. Especially since its over 15 degrees.

It is always a matter of letting the heart listen. When I am walking I am listening and listening. The monotonous walk is like meditation. So when the thinking is starting I make a choice if I have to think the thoughts that is bringing up. Stories from the past or new stories with some complications in them. It is so cool that I have this choice. so I can enjoy this ride.

My deep longing is for the real. So my work is to be free from my ego and be myself. The essence.

Like Ramakrishna said: I don’t want to be sugar, I want to taste sugar».

Be a clear and open channel, so I can be. Just be.

And this flame inside, that makes my soul smile endlessly is always burning when I walk. It is difficult to explain the feeling, the drive, the force, the strength in it, because it has some anthropomorphic conception of divinity in it. But this road takes me away from desire and aims and the Emptiness in it. The way gives me å richer and more royal feeling of being å human being.

Why am i in this world?

And what did an original do?

Make a plan to go some where?

Always looking for answers instead of leaving the questions alone?

The questions don’t need answers. They just need attention. They need respect. Noen of the suestions can be answered by the mind anyway, I just have to stay in them and be.

The most difficult and challenging thing in our society – is to be, without being somebody who has done something right or good or praiseworthy.

Those who say they have the answers, don’t really know, they know nothing, they too.. They think they do,¨ but that’s the problem, they force life, to make it happen instead of listening and let life happen. That’s the problem for all humanity, so they use drugs, alcohol, running, knowing the right people and so on, because they want to be important, instead of being important and busy with what life tells them to be or do.

You can’t fool life, you cant’t decide when you where born or going to die or others, or who you gonna meet. Universe takes care of those things. Nobody can tell you what to do or feel or be or Say.


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